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About Virtumed

Virtumed - teach and inspire!

Virtumed: Simulation Equipment in Medicine

The vision of medical education had been firm and unshakable over many centuries. Just like in ancient times, a young doctor would watch the actions of his mentor and then repeat what he had seen. Accumulation of experience was a years-long process involving fatal mistakes.


It was not until the second half of the XX century that the time-consuming and inefficient education strategies resulting in low patient safety levels began to be replaced by a whole new learning approach where almost all basic clinical skills and many complex skills are trained on high fidelity patient models instead of humans or laboratory animals. Today, state of the art computer technologies allows us to simulate an endless variety of clinical situations, medical manipulations and even surgical interventions on a patient simulator or a computer screen.

For the first time in history, medical education became synonymous with high patient survival rate. Not only the quality of medical education has not been affected – on the contrary, studying the theory and gaining hands-on skills came to be a faster and far more efficient process.

Nowadays, a medical school is inconceivable without a simulation center featuring all sorts of simulation equipment, virtual trainers, patient simulators and efficient simulation technologies. VIRTUMED Group is an integrator of the above described medical training solutions.

VIRTUMED is a one source supplier of the following cutting-edge simulation equipment:

- Virtual trainers and simulators;
- Patient simulators;
- Computerized mannequins;
- Interactive electronic phantoms;
- Trainers and moulages.

Our supply chain partners for simulation equipment:

Medcompleks, Russia. Mobile simulation centers, simulation center management solutions

Sintomed, Russia. Simulation training integrator

Intermedica, Russsia, Virtual simulators

СAE Healthcare, Canada, USA. Surgical and diagnostics simulators. Patient simulators. Simulation center management solutions

Erler-Zimmer, Germany. Anatomical models, moulages, trainers and phantoms

Surgical Science, Sweden. Laparoscopy simulators, robotic surgery simulators, endoscopy simulators

Nasco, USA. Mannequins, moulages and phantoms

VirtaMed, Switzerland. Virtual reality simulators

Voxel-Man, Germany. Virtual reality simulators

Swemac, Sweden. Virtual reality simulators

Sectra, Sweden. Anatomy virtual training

3-Dmed, USA. Video systems for surgical training

Simulab, USA. Trainers, phantoms and moulages for life-saving and general surgery, trauma, laparoscopy

Kyoto Kagaku, Japan. Mannequins, moulages and phantoms

Koken, Japan. Mannequins, moulages and phantoms

Ingmar, USA. Respiratory therapy simulator

ProDelphus, Brazil. Moulages, phantoms and trainers

Mimic, USA. Robotic surgery simulator

Mentice, Sweden. Angiography simulator

Samed, Germany. Trainers and simulators for training urological, laparoscopic and ultrasound skills

Take the Wind, Portugal. Virtual patients

UMG Group, China. Stomatology simulator

SIMCharacters, Austria. Premature newborn patient simulator

Symgery, Canada. Orthopaedics simulator

Bioniko, USA. Ophthalmological training aids

Simulare Medical, Canada. High fidelity surgical moulages

Innosonian, UK. CPR mannequins